SASE UMN named 2021’s Overall Strongest Chapter

We are excited to announce that SASE UMN was nationally recognized to be 2021’s Overall Strongest Chapter among over 30 chapters nation-wide. Read our excerpt from the SASE magazine here:

At SASE UMN, we perform every action with the intention of upholding SASE’s three pillars. Despite this year being a completely new terrain for all of us, SASE UMN stayed grounded in our core values of culture, professionalism, and outreach. We recognize the importance of instilling a culturally diverse environment in our events, especially on an online platform. This year, we held 5 cultural events total, including 2 events highlighting the successes of Asian professionals, and 1 showcasing women in STEM’s journey to the professional world. SASE UMN also recognizes the importance of professional development, and this year, we focused on providing vast networking opportunities for our members and other SASE chapters. We co-hosted the Spring Career Fair for the College of Science and Engineering (CSE), and created the Midwest Virtual Networking event which connected 108 attendees from 6 SASE chapters across the Midwest with 7 large companies. Finally, SASE UMN strives to strengthen our mission for philanthropy by giving back as much as we can. Amid the COVID crisis, we collected and donated over $1000 to local charities and homeless shelters, and doubled our meetings with high schoolers for SASE Jr. 

Our efforts paid off as we were recognized as the Most Outstanding Student Group out of 85 student organizations in our university’s CSE department. Much of our success and accomplishments could not have been done without the dedication of our board members, our diverse community of general members, and most importantly, the valuable connections we make. We hold importance in establishing meaningful relationships in both the professional and cultural sense. SASE UMN is humbled and incredibly grateful to be honored for our efforts to uphold SASE’s vision. With passion, we will continue to work hard to make our impact within the community, region, and nation.

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