Thank You – To all our Healthcare Workers

Dear Healthcare Professionals, In this uncertain time, I believe it is important to remind others of their contributions and the impact that they have on the people around them. Your work reveals a dedication to your sincerity and goals of helping others to be the best people they can be. Thank you, and keep your head up!


Hello! My name is Alexis. I think it is important that we thank as many hospital staff/nurses as possible for their service. This is a stressful time for all of us, but out of everyone you’re making a difference with your hard work and bravery. We are very grateful that you are all here to save lives, and be the faces of those working on the frontlines. You are very appreciated. Stay healthy, and stay safe!


Thank you for risking so much and sacrificing more than anyone for our safety. Best wishes to yours and your loved ones’ health


Thank you so much to whoever receives this! I wish it could be more personalized of a salutation than that, because your work deserves it. There are so many difficulties right now, and your work keeps our lives as normal as possible in so many ways, and for that I am so grateful. As someone with a relative in critical condition right now, I want you to know how appreciative I am of your hard work under the surreal circumstances. It’s your work that is not only saving the lives of the coronavirus patients, but of patients like my aunt. Thank you from the bottom of my heart.


Thank you so much for all of your hard work and support during this difficult time. Your strength and humility is greatly appreciated!


Thank you for your support during this challenging time. I can only imagine the amount of stress you all might be having. I appreciate the work you do to keep us safe!


Thank you to everyone who is working day and night so that the rest of us stay safe and healthy! We are all so thankful for your selflessness in leaving your family every day to treat those affected. We are grateful for your hard work and long hours that you put in each and every day. I cannot say thank you enough for all that you do!


Thank you for putting yourselves at risk to help others. I am glad there are people like you that do this, as I am concerened about my grandparents, and that gets me thinking about other people’s families and what they have to go through. I am young, but knowing that people are helping makes me feel better.

Jason X.

I just want to thank you for sacrificing your time and energy to help the patients in need. Being a student at the University of Minnesota, I am grateful you all put in your hard work in creating a safe environment for us college students. Keep it up!


Thank you for everything that you’re doing right now in this stressful time. It’s hard of us to ask so much of you, but you’re doing an amazing job! I hope that your work will be much more appreciated by everyone in the future.


I would like to thank you for your work during these trying times! I know that there is a limited amount of resources, limited supplies, and limited workers. Regardless of the situation, you guys have adapted to this pandemic, work probably a lot of hours, and continue to serve others. It is impressive and I think the world of you. I hope you are able to have some fun during your time off! Once again thank you! Keep up the amazing work!


I would just like to say thank you for all the work you’re doing to keep people safe and in recovery during these times. That you’re putting yourselves on the lines to do these jobs means everything, and while just saying thanks isn’t enough, I hope my gratitude comes across as just one of many people with the same sentiment. Thank you for treating people, helping them recover, keeping them safe and keeping the public safe.


Thank you for everything you guys are doing! Healthcare workers are the heroes we need right now. We really appreciate you and you make the world better everyday.


Thank you for your dedication to treating patients. This is unprecedented situation, and I know there has been shortages of PPE. The fact that you still work to treat patients despite increased risks shows how dedicated you are to saving lives and who the true brave heroes are in this crisis


To all Fairview staff: thank you for all your hard work, every day, every minute. Like any business that experiences a rush, I know y’all must be stressed and anxious about the what’s going on right now, wondering when it’ll end, dealing with problems at work as well as outside of work. Even if it doesn’t seem like it, i want you to know that we really do appreciate all the work y’all are doing, day in and day out, to care for everyone, whether they do or do not have covid, and doing your best to save lives and send people home after they recover, or in the hopes that they will get better if they are told to self-isolate. I know there must be some unique challenges to being a hospital with so many students, who are also juggling academics or work, and wanting to get back to their work so they don’t get laid off or fall behind in schoolwork. Just know that we, as students, are forever appreciative of the healthcare industry, even if our minds may be more focused on academics or income sometimes and we don’t express the gratitude that y’all deserve. Thank you again, and I hope that you and your loved ones are able to make it safely through this difficult period.